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What Amy's clients have to say
"Amy is exceptional! With her knowledge and expertise the home sold on day one at full price!! Her marketing strategy and use of a professional stager ... more "
by Cheryl
"Amy is a dynamo. Not only did she see the deal through but she helped us tremendously after escrow began. As we were out of state, Amy made sure that ... more "
by Tom and Linda
"Amy is high energy and she tended to our needs as if we were her only client. She's very perceptive and adaptable as situations and preferences ... more "
by LMiller390
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Check list for moving

The last week of an Escrow can be a little stressful. Here is my To-Do List. Let’s check off each item.

  • A final walk-through of the property should be scheduled 5 days prior to closing. This is the time to check if all agreed upon repairs have been completed. The Seller needs to disclose if any item has broken or become inoperative since the original Inspection.
  • Sellers should provide copies of receipts for work done.
  • Verify that Termite work has been completed (or planned for completion after COE)
  • Sign all outstanding Escrow documents and Loan Documents. Escrow will notify you when the docs are ready for signing.
  • Approve the estimated final Escrow Closing Cost Statement
  • If paying All or Partial Cash-obtain wiring instructions from the Escrow Officer and determine when funds should be wired into Escrow.
  • Arrange for your new Insurance and notify Escrow. Carefully determine if you have the correct coverage, and double check for water damage including rain. Earthquake insurance is an option.
  • At the final Walkthrough verify with the Seller or the Seller’s Agent that the garage will be completely empty (no building materials or paint cans, gardening or cleaning supplies and that the trash cans will be set out for pick up. The trash cans cannot be overflowing. The seller needs to arrange for a trash pickup by Waste Management if all trash and miscellaneous household items cannot fit inside the cans. There are private trash removal companies also.
  • Have all utilities and trash service to begin when you arrive. If the Seller is staying in the home after closing escrow the Seller should continue to pay for the utilities during their occupancy.
  • Be sure all keys and remotes are ready to be delivered at closing
  • Ask the Seller about the location of the Mailbox especially if keyed!

  • Stay flexible on the Closing Date. Lenders often have last minute conditions to clear and may close late. Be patient and relax. It will happen!
  • Return Association Keys and Code Book (if any) to your Association
  • Empty the refrigerator and defrost the freezer
  • Order from dish provider to have your satellite dish removed from the roof unless the Buyer wants it to remain
  • Leave all appliance manuals in a kitchen drawer. A list of current service providers, gardening, cleaning, etc. is wonderful for the new homeowner.
  • Arrange for final payment of all services, ex. the gardener
  • Schedule Utilities to be turned off after moving. Remember, cleaners need water and electricity. Notify Buyer when you are discontinuing service.
  • Plan for the safety of your pet on moving day and for transporting pets
  • Plan ahead for moving day. Be ready and boxed. Movers move fast and you need to be ready for them. All hands on deck!
  • The garage and storage areas need to be empty including paint cans, gardening supplies, lumber in rafters-everything. The home needs to be 100% empty of personal belongings.
  • Clean up after pets
  • Plan ahead to have your home cleaned immediately after moving or DIY.
  • Double check closets and shelves to be sure they are empty
  • Plan to have all keys and garage door remotes ready for the Buyer
  • Give address changes to credit card accounts, magazine subscriptions, friends, relatives and the DMV and most importantly the USPS.